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9431 Fertőd Fő u.10. GPS: 47° 37.152', 16° 51.497' Tel: +36 99/371-651 Mobilephone: +36 20/966 1573 E-mail:  


Enjoy your favourite coffee at our coffee-house!

At the coffee-house, on the main road of Fertőd, on the ground floor of the Rábensteiner Pension-Apartment you will find original italian Illy coffee, coffee specialities, wide range of teas, cakes, homemade ice-creams, cocktails and lemonades.

In case you are in Fertőd visit us for a few pleasant minutes, hours... If you are planning to stay longer, our pension is a great choice.

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Fertőtáj világörökség

Rábensteiner Apartman-Pension Fertőd

9431 Fertőd Fő u.10.

Tel: +36 99/371-651
Mobilephone: +36 20/966-1573

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